Flandre Louis de Crecy demi-gros frappé à Gand

Low Countries Flanders Lodewijk II van Crécy AR demi-gros Gand mint

Réf numismeo : 28906
Référence : Boudeau.2216 / Gaillard.187
Personnage : Louis I, count of Flanders (1322/1346) Voir sur wikipédia

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Louis was related to the French crown by marriage to Margaret of France, the second daughter of King Philippe V and Joan II, Countess of Burgundy. Much of his early reign was spent fighting against peasant rebellions within Flanders, which was brought about by his high taxation and pro-French policies. Twice he was forced to flee to France, and only was able to return with the help of French armies. These early rebellions were finally put down in the Battle of Cassel in 1328. Over the next decade, Lodewijk continued his unpopular pro-French policies, even though the county became economically dependent on its wool trade with France’s enemy, England. Eventually, a new rebellion was formed under Jacob van Artevelde, which forced Lodewijk to flee to France in 1339, where he would remain until his death at the Battle of Crécy in 1346.


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