Valerian BI antoninianus Cologne 257-259

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253, while stationed in Upper and Lower Germany, Valerian was tasked by Emperor Trebonianus Gallus with suppressing the usurpation of General Emiliano. As the commander of the troops and the Governor of Upper and Lower Moesia, Emiliano had been acclaimed Imperator by his soldiers following a victory against the Goths, a symbolic revenge for the disaster at Abrittus.

However, Valerian arrives too late: during his march towards Moesia, he learns that Emperor Trebonianus Gallus and his son Volusian have been assassinated by their own men, and Emiliano has assumed the imperial purple. Proclaimed emperor by his troops, Valerian advances towards the city of Spoleto, where Emiliano’s army had gathered. Even before the battle begins, Emperor Emiliano is seized and executed by his own soldiers, who then rally behind Valerian.

The old senator (then nearly sixty years old) thus becomes the master of the Empire in September 253. Valerian associates himself with his son Gallienus, having him recognized by the Senate as Augustus and co-emperor. (Source: Wikipedia)


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